7 Tips for Designing Your Own Business Cards | You must follow

Impending your personal business card intends may be straightforward, amusing, and gainful. Obviously, you don’t necessitate for intent and print company to accomplish it for yourself. 

Therefore if you’re ready to carry your creativity to the table, here are 10 tips to keep in mind before you design your own business card.

1. For a good quality business card design, place the template on a grid.

Possessing gridlines, strategies and a master are important to making a solid business card plan. Test with the placing and room of the text, colours, logo, banner ad design and other forms when inventing. 

Though it may take some tries, it will rotate just the way as you desire basically. A good thing about PowerPoint, Photoshop and in Design is that the object can simply into place and line up following the template as well.

2. Choose a design program you’re satisfied.

Few of the diagram and pattern plan those given for designing your own business cards are, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, an Adobe in Design. Also, it truly relies on your soothe level and knowledge.

Planned for my easy business cards, I employ PowerPoint since it places out a commerce card template that is well-matched with standard business cards, which are thick and heavy. These will also include an amazingly easy program to plan in about designing your own business cards.

3. Add a logo for Designing Your Own Business Cards

It is true, as there’s a saying that an image is valued a thousand expressions. Straightforwardly your logo might highlight the overall image of your product, personality and how your company can assist the client.

When you don’t have a particular logo, you can always take stock photos and clip art using paid websites. Or, since you’re already working on your designing your own business cards, you can make your own logo as well.

4. Choose readable text.

The majority card contains a distinct yet readable business name. You can decide for the body text, to use a sans serif font, i.e., Arial, Helvetica, and Verdana or a serif font, i.e., Times New Roman, Garamond, Courier based on the view and sense of the card. Also, there are so many fonts to prefer. Only confirm they match one another.

As common, your font size shouldn’t be too big or too small as well, whereas the lowest suggested size is 8pt.

5. Less is more. 

Of course, you never desire to make your own business cards messy and irresistible. Relevant information should always be existent, but you don’t want to swamp down your potential client as well as your consumer.

Inquire more when designing your own business cards, what am I really attempting to achieve? Keep in mind that you are shopping yourself and your dealing, so simplicity is the best way to go.

6. Find a second opinion.

When reviewing anything, it’s always fine to have a second set of outlook. Inquire a friend or family member for advice on your business card plan. 

While you know a graphic designer or , tell him to provide you indications. The final thing you never desire deadly spelling error or boring information on your so many cards.  Besides, create a custom Facebook cover design to get more likes and engagement to your business page. 

7. Print high-quality if possible.

Earlier than printing, change the print quality to high for the clear results. As you’ve already done all the requisite work to come up with an amazing design, so don’t skimp on the final contact. 


While you will abide by these tips properly, your business card design is confirmed to be stand out from the others. Don’t get panic again when designing your own business cards need to modify.