What's the Next Big Thing in Advertising?

Advertising is a leading process that has always been, and always will be, about people. According to my way of thinking, technology is a means to an end, not the end itself. It's sound like a strange sentiment coming from someone who works for a technology company and thinks every day about ad innovation for marketers and agencies. But if you take a deeper look that how several big things are going to approached in Advertising Week this year, perhaps you'll see what I mean. In this article, I am trying to show up some of the big things, which is most potential in the advertising field. 

1. Banner advertising:

 It’s hardly surprising that the banner-ad was what digital advertising started out as. Banner advertising has transformed marketing so deeply. It puts your brand in touch with relevant audiences and places control back in your hands to choose when and where your ad appears. It's good affordable which provides greater sales and tracking information that can be customised and reconstruct within seconds. If you are seeking banner ad design services from USA based company then it will fantastic.


2. Microsoft Advertising:

In this digital world, we all love technology. For this reason, Microsoft is a professional agency that can share their candid impressions of immersing themselves in a Microsoft product ecosystem and help us build even better consumer and advertising experiences. It provides advertisers and publishers with digital media and support to help drive deep and profitable engagement with consumers across Microsoft's devices and services.

3. Sensory advertising:

 By engaging people’s affection with the sensory technology contained in smartphones, advertising has been given the potential to become more significant. In today’s mobile era, the sensory technology is available there, but marketers are yet to fully use its potential. Sensory Advertising platform is the perfect stepping stone for bridging the gap between tomorrow and today.

4. Video marketing:

Video marketing is one of the very crucial tools for any business purposes for building the brand, which increases awareness or to generate the leading option. We can easily observe that having an online presence is considered very important by big and small brands alike. Video marketing is definitely very effective way in improving the business policy and has become an integral part of digital marketing. Big data has great influence on video marketing, and it also helps marketers to know their target audience. So, this remarkable idea is definitely helpful in the advertising field.  

5. Facebook advertising:

Facebook is one of the large social media, which can be the most influential platform for advertising. These social media determine your target audience who you want to see your ad and also decide on their ages, where they lived, and what interests they have. Will they be fans of certain pages? Live streaming has also become the most important way to extent the audience in real time on Facebook. Because marketers are approaching the audience in real time for their promotion of products and services online.

Lastly, it can say with certainly that, Social media is the powerful medium for marketing and advertising if you can show up and focus your supreme goal.

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